Bema Contracting LTD is a residential, contracting company founded by Ben Sikkema. Established in 2008, Bema Contracting started in Edmonton, Alberta where it was successfully operated for its first year of business. It then continued to expand east, to address the growing market, where Ben Sikkema’s roots originated.

His focus was on the booming residential market emerging in the Ottawa valley, where the business has continued to grow and expand in the suburbs of Ottawa. His mission is to support not only the recognized homebuilders but also the unique custom homes in the Ottawa valley.

Ben Sikkema and his partner Errol Borden engaged with a number of Homebuilders through out the Ottawa region, and have made it a priority to address quality craftsmanship, workplace safety, on time delivery and attention to homeowner details.

Bema Contracting is excited in its success and looking forward to continuing its innovation in the home building market.